About Us


JordanGrace, LLC, [DBA 'EyeMall'] is a unique company created to provide you a curated collection of eye wants and eye needs. The concept for JordanGrace was born from the mind of one of our founders, an Ophthalmologist with a vision. After years of recommending different products to his patients-- such as eye hydrating goggles or masks, protective eye gear, over-the-counter readers or all-natural hypoallergenic eye makeup-- he realized that there was a void of stores and websites providing these eye accessories in one single location. His patients could not easily find the products they required. He heard their comments, and along with the complaints of "waiting to dilate" and the "lack of good magazines", the idea came together like peanut butter and chocolate. A catalog and website with those harder-to-find eye products was the answer.

The EyeMall concept took form. As we scoured the internet, we found a spectrum of great eye accessories including contact lens cases that remind you to disinfect your lenses and change the case, to fun products- such as funky necklaces to hold your readers, spy glasses for the kids or animal shaped welding helmets. Our Ophthalmologist partners found and approved the "eye needs", and our creative partner, who designed everything from medical brochures to eye laser centers, found the "eye wants".

JordanGrace was created in 2009 and continues to grow daily. We always have our sights set on new products and new ventures. We welcome your suggestions, comments and compliments and hope that you find our unique collection helpful, innovative and effective for whatever YOUR specific eye wants & eye needs are.



To be the Preferred Partner of Doctors in providing comprehensive, innovative solutions to eye care needs. To be the Recognized Leader in offering Premium Vision Products at competitive pricing that both enrich our lives and help us to achieve ocular health. To meet and to strive to exceed the expectations of our customers while maintaining excellence, respect and integrity in all aspects of our operations with an eye toward charity.