Affiliation Program

Would you be interested in making extra money without extra work?

Imagine if you could...

...offer your customers a service without annoying or pressuring them at all..

...tap into a potential revenue source that is sitting in your waiting room everyday...

...offer a selection of useful, appealing  products that are complementary but not competitive to your practice...

...and do this all without lifting a finger!

This is the idea behind EyeMall, a direct-to-consumer provider of eye and eye-care related products that you can offer to your patients... and earn commissions on everything they buy.

You simply allow EyeMall to place our elegant "Magalog" in your waiting room and wait for your commission checks. There is nothing else to do.

Your patients will appreciate the interesting and valuable content our editors bring them, not to mention direct access to a unique selection of tested and proven vision related products.

Each product has been carefully selected for its efficacy, safety, and consumer appeal.  Importantly, our products are chosen making absolutely sure they do not duplicate or replace anything your practice currently offers.

The way it works couldn't be simpler. When you grant us permission to place EyeMall Magalogs in your waiting room, we will include a code for your practice on each issue. When orders are placed, we pay you 5% of the full purchase price (excluding shipping and handling) of anything bought. EyeMall checks will be issued monthly, and you will have access to your account info 24/7 online.

Speaking of online, sales on our website referred from your office will also be eligible for commissions by means of a unique promotional code.

What does it take to get started? Simply sign our no strings agreement allowing us to send you EyeMall issues as they come out and whenever you might need more copies.

And leave the rest to us. That's all there is to it.

But of course, if you have any questions (or suggestions), we'd love to hear from you.


The EyeMall Team

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